At first I was a bit overwhelmed with the new A to Z format as this was my second A to Z and I had forgotten most things I learnt last year anyway.

The reason I wrote about “Fact or Fiction-Family Stories” is because I had been meaning to put in writing all the stories I had been told so my children and grandchildren could read about their ancestors.  I felt the pressure of writing every day for a month was just what I needed to get the job done.  What I didn’t realise was the amount of time it would take to verify the stories and also the fact that I would not find all the answers.  I was surprised and touched when a fellow blogger, Anne Young, found some extra information for me.

Most people who commented on my blog were people I had met in last year’s A to Z.  There were a few new ones and although I didn’t write with the intention of having a following it was rather exciting to read their comments.  I tried to comment on their blogs as well but if I missed anyone I’m sorry.  Researching took up so much time.

I’m hoping to do the A to Z again next year.  If I do family history it would be the time before they all left Great Britain.  I am not sure it would be as interesting as I have so little information.  The big discovery when doing this year’s blog was “Trove”, where I was able to read about my ancestors in Australian newspapers, in amazing detail.

My biggest discoveries were about my two grandfathers about whom I knew practically nothing.  From discovering Walter Hall had been married before and was a keen Aussie Rules player in his youth to reliving the last minutes of the life of John Price I felt a bit closer to both of them. As for the mysterious Reuben Benjamin I found why his family turned their backs on him.  I am especially thankful I live in an age where I don’t have to give birth to ten children or depend on a man for survival.

My husband found my continual absences in April somewhat perplexing but was somewhat mollified by some research I did of his family tree.  A lot still remains to be done on his side but for now I am taking a rest from family history and returning to a normal life.

Thank you to the organisers of this year’s A to Z.  For me it worked well and I would be happy with the same format next year.

7 thoughts on “REFLECTIONS

  1. I can see where your posts must have taken a lot of time to research. They contained great detail and interesting information about your family ancestry. Congratulations on year two! I know what you mean about forgetting things in between the challenges although it comes back quickly once April hits.


  2. Nice summary post! I hoped to visit you more often during the challenge — but it just got very hectic toward the end. You’re right about the research time involved. Although I wrote about my childhood, I still did research to back up and verify my memories, and to find photos. Seemed to take more time this year, but I’m already preparing for 2018. Hope to connect with you then if not before. Happy blogging!

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  3. Congratulations! Researching is very time consuming, which is why I don’t like genealogy (but my brother does and he is where I get family history from). Towards the end of the challenge I was dealing with some health issues which made me fall behind in reading and responding to bloggers participating in the challenge. I have been trying to catch a little at a time. Glad to hear you will be participating again next year! Take care.


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