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You have all seen those Ancestry DNA advertisements haven’t you?  Connect with relatives! Meet a distant cousin!  Discover your ethnicity!

I found out a bit more than I expected.  It rocked my whole world and my sense of who I am.  It sent me on a search halfway across the country to the town where I was born to meet the family I didn’t know existed.

In doing so I found the written records of a man who participated in some the most significant events of the 20th Century, who died over sixty years ago and yet undeniably shares my DNA.



14 thoughts on “Theme Reveal

    1. Thank you, yes I wrote about family stories last year. This year’s A to Z is about a family story that was kept very, very quiet and would never have been discovered at all if not for DNA.


  1. That’s great, Linda! I look forward to reading your posts. I won’t be participating again this year as we will be away for some of it & I haven’t prepared, having just published my new novel.
    I will have to follow up on some of the connections I’ve been informed of after I got the results of my DNA sample.

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  2. Having just published a novel I can understand you not doing the A to Z. Writing a novel is something above and beyond a month long blog. I have one in my head but I don’t know if it will ever eventuate. The A to Z is all good preparation however.


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