Reflection on ‘Living in the ’70s’

I have enjoyed writing this month’s challenge so much. It has brought back many happy memories and some sad ones. I’ve dragged out my records and turntable and am even planning a ‘70s party for our anniversary, complete with appropriate costumes and a fondue of course.

One of the unexpected pleasures of writing this blog has been listening to music from the ’60s and ’70s. Although I originally wanted to source all my music from the same decade as the title, the songs of the ’60s kept popping up in my head. I had to rationalise that with the thought that we played a lot of ’60s music in the ’70s.

To make it easier to find each post I am listing them below with a direct link to each one.

Living in the ’70s

Age of Aquarius

Boarding Away

College Days

Darkness My Old Friend

Eighteen Years Old and Looking for Fun


God, Where are You?

How Many Roads?

I Think I like You

Journey to the Centre

Knock Three Times

Lay, Lady, Lay

Me and My Arrow

Not in the Fondue

Our House


Quant, Mary

Rock ‘n Roll


TV and Theatre

USA Here We Come


Woman (I am)

eXiting the Decade

Yacht (trailer)


This is my 7th year of doing the A to Z Challenge. The reason I do it every year is because it puts pressure on me to complete a writing task I would otherwise put off, maybe forever. It also makes me go into greater depth and detail because I have to make twenty six separate articles. The best thing, however, about A to Z is communicating with others. This year I have found the comments to be longer and more meaningful than in past years, I think because so many people can relate to the topic. Even if they didn’t live in the ’70s they can relate to the common milestones in life this blog covers. I won’t list all the people who commented but will name some blogs I followed during the A to Z. I apologise if I didn’t reply to all comments. Some of the time we were travelling and I was too busy to fully commit to checking.

Brizzy Mays Books and Bruschetta wrote about twenty six great women or organisations, some well known and some unknown.

Anne’s Family History found more ancestors including some lesser known German ones.

Writing Sparkle wrote descriptive 100 word posts. Such a good idea. I must try it.

penned in moon dust wrote about time travel in Ukraine

The Dreamgirl also wrote a a continuous story where many mysteries were almost solved.

Reality With a Twist had my head going around in circles trying to read alliterative stories which surprisingly made sense.

I liked Mrs Fever’s idea of asking questions at the end of each post. A great way to get people involved. That is another idea to keep for future reference.

Family History Across the Seas had the great idea of Special Moments, Magic Memories which were always very readable and relatable.

Everyone Has a Story did some time travelling and who doesn’t love looking back over the years?

Then there’s:

Mia-Dog on Adventures,

Tracking Down the Family,

Stories Told Around the Table

Finding Eliza

Now I know there are a heap of other blogs I read or dipped into so now I’m worried people will feel left out but I can’t put them all in now. Maybe I can squeeze them in later.

What to write next? My ongoing project is a children’s book for my grandchildren. I need to finish it before they get too old. For next year’s A to Z maybe some highlights of the last twenty years when I have been able to travel more frequently (apart from the Covid years). Even in those dark times there have been some memorable moments.

Many thanks to the organisers who make this event happen every year. To everyone who is going on the Road Trip, I hope we all get to meet lots more people we missed in April. I’m sure there are some amazing blogs out there just waiting to be discovered so I’ll do my best to find them and leave comments.