Fact or Fiction-Family Stories

I was fortunate to have two wonderful grandmothers who told me lots of family stories which, as the only grandchild, I accepted without question.  Somehow these stories and whether or not they can be verified, will be the topic of this year’s A to Z (2017).  As well, I have in my hands the stories from my husband’s family so will include some of those as well.  There is still much to be discovered in our family history  although we have both been doing bits and pieces for many years.

It is a little unusual, I think, that all my ancestors and those of my husband came to Australia between 1850 and 1870 from England, Northern Ireland and Scotland.  Of course this was a time of massive immigration to Australia, but to have every one of them set sail from Great Britain within a twenty year period is rather remarkable.

It must have been easy to make up stories about one’s past when in a new country. My grandmothers may have elaborated on the truth or maybe they simply passed on exaggerated and tall tales from their parents.  Hopefully by the end of April the  truth will out and future generations of my family will have a clearer idea of where they came from.



13 thoughts on “Fact or Fiction-Family Stories

  1. I am looking forward to reading your posts Linda. I enjoyed doing the A-Z of my own family history a few years ago.
    I am trying to get together a series of A-Z of Australian Animals. I keep getting interrupted, and each entry has to be researched & written up with references. I know I should KISS, but there is so much to say about each one! 😦

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  2. How lucky you are to have these stories from both grandmothers! I didn’t know either of mine, so I have little knowledge of our family history.

    I’m sure this is going to be a very interesting A-Z Challenge for you to write. Looking forward to reading your stories 🙂


  3. Linda, I’m looking forward to reading these. I’m meandering all over the place through your blog. We’re huddled in the lounge room with the heater and TV on and I’m snuggled up in my PJs and dressing down which have become my wardrobe of late. I ordered a pair of hot pink PJ pants with white circles from Peter Alexanders on sale, as I figured I’d need a good supply to get me through isolation.
    Need to spend a bit of time in the slow lane today after a hectic week of working on the A-Z and getting the kids sorted for term 2 at school online. Fortunately, my husband is working from home and makes a great sergeant major and is a morning person. I’m more the background research, school contact. Golly. There’s a lot to think about, even though I’m not viewing this as home schooling as you hear in the media. More a case of schooling at home.
    Best wishes,


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