School’s Out – Forever!

About a week before Christmas in 2005 I packed the car with all that remained of thirty-four years of teaching and waved goodbye to my school for the last time.  It was the beginning of nearly six weeks of school holidays so it didn’t really sink in until school resumed in 2006 and I wasn’t there.

It’s hard to comprehend that I have been retired from teaching for seventeen years.  At the beginning of 2006 I bought a diary with the plan to record every single day of my new-found freedom.  In mid 2007 my second diary disappeared in a conflagration when our car was stolen.  I immediately switched to the laptop which fortunately was in the caravan. For years I typed away in Word and Pages, eventually moving to an iPad where I used an App called Day One.  Reading through sixteen and a half years of diary and searching for a particular event on a number of devices in various formats is daunting. However the plan is to consider the highlights of retirement. Some posts will be about a particular experience while others will involve many thoughts on a topic which inspires me and hopefully will inspire you too.

Although I have a rough plan of my A to Z for this year, I’ve only written three posts so am behind in my organisation. April is a busy month with family birthdays and Easter holidays so I can see it’s going to be hectic. 

With no time to waste I’m off to resurrect my WordPress skills.  So here goes.  Get ready for Episode 1 of “School’s Out – Forever!”