#AtoZChallenge 2019 Tenth Anniversary Reflections badgeBefore I start I want to thank all the people who responded to my posts.  I would wake each morning, see Anne’s post (always the early bird) and then post my own.  With growing excitement I would then look for comments.  Often people asked questions or showed they really enjoyed the post.  Some people put a lot of thought into their responses which impressed me greatly. That encouraged me to read their posts so it was all very time consuming but a lot of fun.

Researching the places I had been over the past 50 years and reliving those experiences was most enjoyable.  Finding some of those photos of long ago was hard work.

I was happy with the way the 2019 A to Z was organised.  As someone else suggested, putting the blogs into categories would be useful.  I was trying to find more travel blogs and maybe I missed some.

The best moment during this year’s challenge was probably when I finished writing the last post a few days before the end (apart from reading the comments).

The best comment on my blog during the challenge was from who wrote this about Ned Kelly’s Jerilderie Letter.

Wow–what a bold-faced plan! No wonder they have become legends! While I applaud the bad boys’ writing skills and generally approve of those with a healthy disrespect for Authority, I do draw the line at insulting wombats with the epithet “wombat-headed”! (And what’s with “slim-hipped as an insult? Is that 19th-century Australian homophobia?). Thanks! This was fun to read. 

There were so many other good comments I’m sorry I can’t put them all in.

I’m already planning next year but have not decided which option to take.  I’m thinking I might write historical fiction based on my family.  I have actually started it and am of two minds.  Either write three drafts before letting anyone see it OR put it on A to Z and take note of people’s suggestions – as did

Alternatively I might do an A to Z of interesting places I have been outside of Australia, especially if I can think of a different angle to the usual travel narrative.

I was looking for travel blogs and found where the writer did some impressive planning.

I also enjoyed Anne’s outline for her visit to Great Britain where she will find the places her ancestors lived in  She is meticulous with her references which is somewhat different to my less than careful family history posts.

A Car in the Woods had me hooked.

CassMob’s short mind grabs about life in New Guinea were fun to read and nostalgic, recalling a past era.

I’m always interested in food and gained some useful knowledge for my trip to Japan from Food Memories at

Susan’s Freedom Posts in were thought provoking and moving.

I’ve only just discovered where she writes about A to Z of Nanowrimo.  I am motivated to look into it.

Now I know I left someone out who wrote a great post and It has slipped my memory or fallen through my chaotic filing system.  Hopefully I put a comment on your post.

I didn’t find the A to Z much different this year and seemed to have about the same amount of comments as last year. I don’t put my posts on Facebook and am happy with the responses I get with just the Master List.  Maybe I prefer strangers to read my posts rather than my Facebook Friends.

My thanks go to the organisers who make this whole thing happen.  It is so important because it gets people writing, connecting and relating to others.  I admire you for what must be a difficult job for the month of April (and before, and after).

Arlee Bird (founder) @ Tossing it Out

J Lenni Dorner (captain) @ Blog of Author J Lenni Dorner

Zalka Csenge Virág @ The Multicolored Diary

John Holton @ The Sound of One Hand Typing

Jayden R Vincente @ J R Vincente Erotica Writer

Jeremy Hawkins (graphics) @ Hollywood Nuts

Here’s hoping for all our sakes that you do it all again next year.