Reflections:Blogging from A to Z 2021

Reflections 2021 #atozchallenge

I wasn’t quite sure how this blog would contain all the experiences of 2004 as there were many gaps in my diaries. The photographs helped but so many of them have disappeared or are stored in boxes which I didn’t have time to access. As well I had to balance my desire to record everything and the need to make the blog readable and hopefully entertaining and informative. I started with about half the posts written but finding the photographs took the most time.

Below I have copied the idea from some other “Reflections” to put all the posts below with direct links so that if a particular one is of interest you can access it more easily.

A for Age is No Barrier

B for Business Class

C for Close Your Eyes and Think of England

D for Diary of New Experiences

E for Eating Garlic and Razorblades

F for Freedom on the Road

G for Giant Killers and Grisly Stories

H for Here’s Health to Your Enemy’s Enemies (Irish saying)

I for In Seven Days You Can See Europe

J for Journey in “Le Camping Car”

K for Killing Fields in Oradour

L for London

M for Munich to Munich

N for Nord Italia al Centro

O for Over to John

P for Pedagogy

Q for Queen’s Ship

R for Revolution (Industrial)

S for Skase Chase

T for Taking a Tour

U forUniversity Visit With Exchange Teachers

V for Visits from Our Daughter

W for Warwick Castle, Wales and Whitby

X for Xmas is Coming

Y for Year of Living Differently

Zooming Back to Oz

There were a number of blogs I followed regularly, some I dipped into, promising to come back when I had time and many I still have to read. I’m not sure if I should mention any as I’m sure to offend someone by leaving them out. However I know how rewarding it is to know that someone appreciates your blog enough to mention it so here goes.

I would wake up each morning at 6.30 am Australian Eastern Time and post my blog. Then I would see Anne’s Family History already posted. This year she wrote about her Irish ancestors so that when she goes to Ireland (if we ever travel overseas again) she will have an itinerary already mapped out. I would always comment on her post and she would reciprocate.

I really enjoyed Everyone Has a Story by Jeanne Bryan Insalaco. The photographs of her mother brought back memories which keep her alive, at least in our minds.

Culture shocks by theresaly520 wrote interesting stories about birds. The stories attached to the birds made the posts come alive.

Weekends in Maine was full of interesting crafts I plan to try with my grandchildren.

I’ve followed Stu for a few years and this year was very challenging with his Liquid Time. Go there if you dare!

GeniAus did her best to reignite my genealogy enthusiasm with her posts on how to delve deeper into family history. I might find out about that great great grandfather who was adopted with some of her ideas.

Martha Reynolds wrote about Rhode Island. I would love to go there if I ever travel overseas again.

If it’s not about travel or family history then food always captures my interest and Cassmob’s blog on food past and present was a winner. I just had to comment with recollections of the food of my childhood.

Authors are also interesting to follow and so Iain Kelly’s description of his trilogy in A to Z form makes me want to read his books.

Another author, Laura Roberts, wrote about the setting of her books so I have also put it on my list of places to go. Catalina A to Z makes me want to travel again.

Finally I will mention the Tarot Card stories. I found them very interesting although I have never actually seen any up close. I do like card games however.

Now I plan to check everyone’s blog that I haven’t read from A to Z. I usually only write in April although last year I kept going to finish “Annie’s Secret”. I could do a blog on a past overseas trip. However, I think I will start planning for next year. I thought about telling the story of John’s three years in London in the 1960s or maybe try to think up 26 interesting stories about overseas travel starting from my first trip (to NZ) when I was 17.

A big thank you to the organisers of the A to Z, Arlee Bird, J Lennie Dorner, Zalka Csenge Virag, John Holton, Jayden R Vincente and Jeremy Hawkins. How they can organise all this, visit all posters and write their own is beyond my comprehension.

I wish everyone a month of happy reading in May and hope to catch up with you all on the Road Trip.

5 thoughts on “Reflections:Blogging from A to Z 2021

  1. Hi Linda:
    “Go there is you dare” made me laugh out loud (a sinister one at that) and I’m still smiling. I’m glad you stuck with it/me.

    As you know, it is difficult to do all the blog hopping you’d like to do in April. Time was not on my side this year. The rest of this month will be mainly focused on post-atoz-hopping.

    I do enjoy the posts I have read and will get back to it soon. I also really miss traveling of any kind, as well as actual one on one real-life connections. Here’s hoping there is a semblance to “returning to normal” still possible in the coming year(s).

    Here’s my Reflections post:

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