A to Z Challenge 2020

Reflection #atozchallenge 2020

I have read a number of ‘Reflections” by other bloggers and am impressed by those who have listed all the blogs they are following. I must admit that I have jumped around a lot, read a few here and there, started some more, lost track and then found them again. So I won’t list them, or the wonderful people who have commented on my “Taking the Hard Road” historical fiction. They know who they are and they have contributed to a number of changes, although I did write most of it before the A to Z started.

The biggest problem was where to finish. Obviously at Z, but with Ruby meeting an old flame and Annie setting off to Melbourne to start a new career it was hardly the end. So Annie’s story continues in a slightly different format. Each post is longer than in the A to Z but will only appear on a Monday. That way I hope to keep ahead by a few weeks so I can make necessary revisions.

As for next year’s A to Z, I have no idea. Hopefully Annie’s Story will have run its course and I will be inspired to do something entirely different.

My sincere thanks to the organisers of the A to Z. Since I began participating in 2016 the month of April has taken on new significance. I think this year especially it has given people like myself a reason to get up each day and turn on the computer. As “Reflections” on the A to Z home page noted, the comments this year have been very friendly, the key words being “substance and encouragement”. We need all the convivial company available while we are restricted to our homes and separated from friends and family.

A to Z Challenge Organisers, you are doing your bit to guide us through these dark times. Let’s hope when the next challenge comes around the world will be a better place.

3 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge 2020

  1. I didn’t list the blogs I followed this year. I was going to but didn’t. Anyway, I’m glad you’re going to tell us Annie’s story!
    I agree about the challenge giving focus for something besides virus stress.

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  2. I am stopping by from the a to z road trip. My method in stopping by is this I read the a and z entries as well as the d and r entries as those are my initials. I also read the entry that corresponds with the day of the month, since today is the 26th And that corresponds with z I only read those 4 entries. Even though the work was a little disjointed since I was going backwards from z to r to d to a, I relly enjoyed your prose.

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