Taking the Hard Road-S

Salvation in a Country Town

The month of May arrived and with it came cold nights gathered around the fire and mild sunny days which made Ruby feel glad to be alive.  She was happy, or at least too busy to be unhappy.

Fred gave her some extra money for material so she was able to keep her promise of a new dress for each girl.  Bill Barker agreed to her request for fashion magazines after deciding they may be of interest to other women as well.

“Once I have more time I could start making clothes for the women in the town,” she told him.  He also agreed to add to the supply of dress material in his store with suggestions from Ruby.

The day of the Baptism was clear and mild.  Ruby had made herself a grey-blue long sleeved dress with a double draped skirt ending a good ten inches above her ankle. With a close fitting black hat, black gloves and shoes she felt pleased with herself and also with her brood of girls.  Fred was away at Widgee, Al was working at the Produce Store but the event was to take place at four o’clock to allow the girls time to come home from school and change.  Plaits were undone and hair brushed, new clothes were slipped over excited shoulders and of course Annie in her new white Christening dress was admired by all.

The schoolmaster and his wife had offered to be Godparents.  Peter made the sign of the cross on Annie’s forehead. She was still deliberating over this when he poured water over her head. She paused for a moment , mouth open, and then decided to wait and see what would happen next.

“I baptize you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.”

Annie May Lane, even though she had no say in it,  was now part of the Family of Christ.

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