A-to-Z Reflection [2018]

As the week is rolling by I am starting to panic.  I haven’t done my post because I wanted to thank all those people who commented on my blog, read all their blogs and get down their details to share with others.  All the jobs I have put off for a month are crying out to be attended to and suddenly I have no time.

The original plan was to use the A to Z as a motivation to write.  The purpose of the writing was to make a record for my family of my DNA discovery with as much detail as possible.  I didn’t dream that so many people would follow my posts and comment on them.  It encouraged me enormously so thank you one and all.  I tried to comment in return and read all your blogs but ran out of time.  My posts were semi prepared at the beginning of April but still required a lot of last minute changes and additions.  In the middle of April we went on a road trip with our caravan for ten days which didn’t help.

My task now is to put the 26 posts into a book.  I am using Photobookclub for this.  I have had a number of photo albums made through them and thought that I could get five copies made for family and new relatives.  All the names have to be changed back to the real ones and now I am putting in photos of the people who had to remain anonymous.

My biggest problem is my mind is continually planning A to Zs.  One minute I am thinking “Travels in our Caravan” with A for Abrolhos Islands, B for Bourke, C for Carnarvon Gorge.  Then, inspired by “Retirement Reflections” I am thinking A for Aqua Jogging, B for Book Club, C for Cycling.

I want to thank the organisers of the A to Z this year.  I can’t imagine what it was like for them to manage this huge, ungainly beast.  It was a lot of fun and next year I resolve as others have done to:

1) Have all posts written before April.

2) Reply to all comments on my blog.

3) Comment on as many other people’s blogs as possible.

4) Mention all the blogs I enjoyed in “Reflection 2019”.



11 thoughts on “Reflection

  1. This year all I managed to achieve ahead of April was who I was going to write about, ie I had my alphabet sorted which was a great relief even though I changed my mind during the month at least I had a subject for every letter but X more or less.

    I am glad your family will get to have permanent souvenirs of your history.


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  2. Hi Linda – you did lots and achieved for the family … as too other A-Zers … it’s the way it goes – we do what we can … take care and I’m so pleased you achieved enough information for you – cheers Hilary

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  3. Hi, Linda – I greatly enjoyed your ancestry story and am so glad that you decided to share it with us. Thank you for mention – I am glad that you found my A – Z’s inspiring. That is very encouraging to know. I look forward to following your posts further.

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  4. My husband wrote a blog, Vodka Nd Vegemite when we travelled through Russia on the Trans Siberian. I turned it into a book later, and it was an enormous job as the WordPress layout does not just “cut and paste”. I printed it at Office Works. Good luck with it. I enjoyed reading it.

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  5. A book is going to be a true treasure to your loved ones! They are so fortunate and I sincerely hope they appreciate all the heart you’ve put into it. Bless your heart for being so worried about all of us. The A to Z is an experience in my opinion and you’ve made yours very memorable. I’ll be visiting this year so see you soon!

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  6. Congratulations on reaching the end… unless you’ve written an A to Z before, no one knows what all goes into it. Being prepared is high on the list! This year I began preparing over 6 months for my All About Nancy Drew A to Z. I haven’t heard of the site you mentioned you were going to use to print a book of your 26 posts. I use Blog2Print for my posts and I have a post written to help others using their site if you’re interested. Yes I always have withdrawals when April ends and then begin jotting A to Z ideas in my notebook. Looking forward to see what you come up with next year! Let’s stay in touch.

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