Homeward Bound

Friday, 17th June and Saturday 18th June

There is a feeling in the air of “home” as we start the long journey back. Yesterday we drove to Hyannis after a visit to the local laundrette.image The laundrette was near a boatyard so John could wander and dream while the clothes washed and dried. The road to Hyannis was crowded and not particularly scenic. The town itself made us pleased we were staying in Falmouth and after a very ordinary coffee we drove back towards home looking for a rest stop with a view of the water to eat our picnic lunch.


The Centreville Country Store gave you the option of letting the world know your political leanings.

The road through Centreville to Craigville Beach looked promising but there was nowhere to park. Every street was no parking except for a $20 parking lot. Why pay $20 when we are staying near a perfectly good beach in a beautiful, character filled house? So we went back to the Beach Breeze Inn and had our picnic lunch by the pool with a view of the sea.

It was back to our favourite eating place, the Quarterdeck, for dinner. The town was warming up for the weekend, with live music and dancing in the marquees. We watched the experts for a while before walking home in the moonlight.

Another knock on the door from the manager at 10.30 pm had us handing over the keys to the car as the horn was going off again. Walter promised to stop it if it recurred so we could sleep in peace. What a nice man. We considered contacting Avis but what could they do? Most of the time there was no problem.

This morning we farewelled Walter, who assured us he will never forget us or our car. Before heading back to Boston we explored Woods Hole where the car ferry leaves for Martha’s Vineyard. It is a very picturesque little town surrounded by water. We tried a double shot latte in Coffee Obsession which was drinkable. Just.

The run to Logan airport was trouble free, with our Tom Tom finding its way through the new tunnel system easily. We decided to drop off the luggage at the Hampton Inn, get some fuel and then drive to the Avis drop off area. The signposting was excellent and American drivers are very courteous, at least in this part of the world. They stop and let you pull out and no one blasts their horn or gets angry.

Things just got better and better as we solved tomorrow’s major problem. At the American Airlines desk John asked if we could fly to JFK on a later flight. No problems. We are now leaving at 1.30 pm which means we won’t have to kill seven hours at the airport in New York. What a relief. We could use the gym or the heated pool at our hotel instead of hanging around an airport.

The Hampton Inn is situated in Revere, an industrial area about three miles from the airport. When we asked about somewhere to eat, a menu for an Italian restaurant was thrust in our hands and we were told to jump on the shuttle. Some time later, after a tour of the airport, we arrived at Jeveli’s, a very traditional restaurant which produced very good, authentic food. We shared an antipasti plate and had mussels (John) and chicken and artichoke with penne pasta (me). There was far too much food but we were combining lunch and dinner. The shuttle picked us up outside the door and took us back to our hotel.

3 thoughts on “Homeward Bound

  1. Hello Linda,
    What a wonderful trip you’ve had! Thanks so much for sharing your lovely photos and travel experiences. Your descriptions of Quebec City make me hungry to go there and experience a taste of Europe in North America. I wish you a safe and sane return home.

    Liked by 1 person

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