Sydney, Nova Scotia

Wednesday, 8th June

We must be thankful for yesterday. As Captain O’ Driscoll said, if you want want sun, go to Sydney, Australia. We were also told by Jeremy, the tour director, that Sydney, Nova Scotia was the best port of call to do an excursion out of as there wasn’t much to see. However we were interested in seeing the city named three years before our Australian city after the same Lord Sydney. We also knew it had a steelworks until 1999 so wondered how they had survived its closure. A walk up and down Charlotte Street in the misty rain made us aware of Sydney’s greatest attribute. The people were so friendly to strangers. We chatted to a local man who wanted to know if we were off the ship. The woman in the drug store wanted to know all about Sydney Australia, the lady walking her dog in the park was keen to show us the Open Hearth Park which has replaced the defunct steelworks. imageWe were lined up for coffee out the door in the rain at Tim Horton’s when a woman told us there was a better place around the corner called Doktor Luke’s. A man in a car park booth decided to walk with us to the coffee shop when we couldn’t find it. The coffee was a only a fair attempt at a flat white but the atmosphere was 10 out of 10.image

Two historic houses, Cossitt House Museum and Jost Heritage House Museum were open and for a small fee we experienced life in the 18th and 19th Century. The visit to the second house coincided with a walking tour group which meant it was very crowded but the roaring log fire was welcome and the guide, a witty and entertaining woman who hugged us all, made the visit very worthwhile.

The rain was by now getting quite heavy so we made our way back to the ship, eating a late lunch of tacos beside the pool. The menu for dinner is featuring more local seafood with lobster and mussels in the soups and pies. Needless to say that is what we ordered but the local Maine dessert called Whoopie Pie was not great.

The entertainment tonight was a comedian called Jeff Burghart who was quite funny. He did very good impressions of Jack Nicholson and Tom Jones. At 11 o’clock the Indonesian crew who are 50% of the ship’s crew, put on a performance which was a mix of traditional and modern. Most of it was hilarious and was a good way to end the night.

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