Footsore and Weary

Sunday, 22nd May, 2016

Happy birthday Cameron, even though it is over now in Australia and you are getting ready to go to work on Monday.

We are both recovering from a tough day of walking despite efforts to use public transport where possible. Our wake up time seems to be around 4.00 am but we waited until dawn to get up and still had an early start to the day. A quick trip to the Hell’s Kitchen markets which were still in the process of setting up was interesting but there was nothing I wanted to buy.

Because we are leaving from Penn Station on Tuesday we decided to walk there and see if we needed a taxi with our luggage in tow. Even though it is only 700 metres we think we will take the easy way out. We bought our Metro Card at a food kiosk in Penn Station with $19.87 or 8 trips on it. John and I can share it and top it up if necessary. Not sure what to do next we asked a man in uniform and were directed to a downtown platform. On the train a chatty American woman and John hit it off and so we followed her to a shuttle bus at Chambers St because of weekend track work. We alighted half way between the ferry terminal and One World Trade Centre.

imageIt was time for a coffee so we tried Gregory’s near Wall Street, enticed by the decor and the sign, “see coffee differently”. They didn’t  have flat whites but their cortado was very good and quite similar.

We walked between the construction sites of surrounding buildings and observed the two square waterfalls on the site of the former twin towers. They are mesmerising, as water falls down in sheets and then disappears over another edge to oblivion. The names of those who lost their lives in the towers, the firemen, the people in the planes and those from an earlier terrorist attack are all engraved on the surrounding flat edges.IMG_6155IMG_6163 The queue for the museum was long so we walked instead to the edge of the Hudson River. John saw sailing boats so was immediately excited. The whole area from North Cove to Battery Point consists of boardwalks, gardens and pleasant vistas of the Hudson and of course the Statue of Liberty.IMG_6177


We hadn’t planned to go out to Liberty or Ellis Island but found ourselves waiting in a long line for the ferry with John muttering about crowds on weekends. Forty years ago we were so cold we stayed in the warmth of the ferry but this time we walked around the island listening to headsets and admiring the size and construction of Libertas, the torch bearing Roman Goddess. Four million people a year visit the Statue of Liberty and good few of them were there today.IMG_6214IMG_6223IMG_6203

Back on the ferry we landed at Ellis Island where a three storey museum in what was once America’s immigration station told the stories of many new settlers to America.


Unfortunately John’s foot gave out. We had walked many kilometres and now we had to get home. He looked longingly at the yellow taxis but we followed the reverse of our morning trip, ferry, shuttle, train and walk. Hopefully he will recover for our last day in New York.

I read up on how to take the heat out of a too hot chilli dish. I tried them all – add a can of pineapple, add two tablespoons of butter, serve with rice and top with yoghurt, add lots of salad. The mince was just edible but it has now gone in the bin and we are eating out tomorrow.

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