I must have been Googling something when I came across Wangiwriter’s Blog.  She was writing about her childhood in the Illawarra and appeared to be about my age group.  I followed with interest and noted she had participated in several A to Z Challenges.  As I was going off to sleep, or walking, or doing housework or travelling by car or train I mentally assigned posts to each letter.  I could do this, I thought!  I had long wanted to write something about my forebears for my grandchildren so thought this would be a good start.  The more memories I dredged up from my childhood the more I remembered.    Before the challenge started I wrote most of the entries.  That was the easy part.

Getting my head around Word Press was the difficulty.  I had previously written two blogs, one about China and one about a trip to Europe for my husband’s 70th birthday.  Somehow  the URL in my signature sent people to the Chin Blog and not the A to Z.  I couldn’t work out what was wrong and finally put a post on the China blog directing people to the A to Z. I now have remedied the situation (a bit late) and also put titles in the menus to enable people to go from one blog to another.  It took me quite some time to work out how to do that.


In the meantime the people who found my blog and stayed with it were giving me encouragement and even though I wasn’t expecting it I looked forward to their posts. Cassmob and GeniAus made lots of comments and have given me plenty of ideas for further researching family history. Diary of an Expat brought back memories of France, nikisthoughts were a detailed account of a Texan living in a musical military family in Upstate New York, Maureen wrote a similar but different blog to mine, Molly Charbonneau wrote  wonderful comments and stories, joannesisco  toured  the world’s great places to visit, Tammi Kale regaled us with her stressful but memorable visit to New York, Weekends in Maine (loved that lobster post) made me want to go to that state, lightheaded wrote about retiring in Ecuador at 8,200 feet and all that involves.  There were a few blogs, like Waldina where I read about all the famous people who have affected the writer and made the world a better place.  Plucking at My Heartstrings featured a charity for every letter.  Then there were blogs about various places in the USA and Canada where I’ll be travelling later this month.  So much reading and so many new contacts!  Some will keep in touch and some will move on but it has been a great experience.

3 thoughts on “Reflections

  1. Congratulations on attempting – and getting through the A-Z Challenge, Linda. I am pleased that my previous entries for the A-Z encouraged you to give it a go.
    I haven’t had the time to follow your posts for April, as we were off visiting family for much of the month, and this month has so far brought a heart attack for hubby & the follow-up. Fortunately, although this is his second in six years, he came out of it very well.
    Now I have to get back into a regular routine and concentrate more on my writing and on getting to the blogs of my friends.


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