K is for Keepsake

bracelet after
The bracelet is on Myrtle’s left hand.  Here she is aged 18

When my grandmother Myrtle was 16 she was tall, graceful and attractive.  She was  asked by Myer, the big  Melbourne Department Store, to be a model.  Of course her father would not allow it but she was not short of admirers.  One man adored her so much he asked for a lock of her long hair and had it made into a bracelet.  On it is engraved “From S.E.B.  8-9-13”. 

A crest at the front is engraved with MML for Myrtle May Lock. Six plaited strands of hair are held in place by engraved gold bands.  It is an exquisite piece of jewellery.IMG_6066

The padded bracelet box is showing its age – 103 years old

When I was 16 my mother gave it to me, telling me that it was a family tradition to pass it on to the first born daughter of each generation when she turned 16.  When my daughter turned 16 I gave it to her but she asked me to keep it for her as she was travelling and she  probably wouldn’t wear it anyway as she wore silver, not gold.  In ten years my granddaughter will be 16 so it will be time for the bracelet to move on to the next generation.

I wonder who S.E.B. was?

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